Reactive Integrations with Akka Streams and Kafka

Introduction to Alpakka a modern Reactive version of Apache Camel.

This is a webinar dedicated to  JVM Architects. Konrad Malawski explores the what and why of Reactive integrations, with examples featuring technologies like Akka Streams, Apache Kafka, and Alpakka, a new community project for building Streaming connectors that seeks to “back-pressurize” traditional Apache Camel endpoints.

  • An overview of Reactive Streams and what it will look like in JDK 9, and the Akka Streams API implementation for Java and Scala.  
  • Introduction to Alpakka, a modern, Reactive version of Apache Camel, and its growing community of Streams connectors (e.g. Akka Streams Kafka, MQTT, AMQP, Streaming HTTP/TCP/FileIO and more).
  • How Akka Streams and Akka HTTP work with Websockets, HTTP and TCP, with examples in both in Java and Scala.
Thursday, Jan. 19 17:00 UTC