The Basics Of Reactive System Design

Go beyond asynchronous programming and dive into the basics of Reactive System Design.

Reactive Programming is a modern way of building systems. Reactive System Design is based on Reactive Manifesto which is widely supported by a lot of developers. A lot of Architects, Developers and DevOps engineers are breaking their monolith applications into microservices and laverging reactive design. 

If you are an Architects or Developers working with more Java environments, then this webinar is for you. You will hear about the following topics

  • What it takes to build systems based on the principles of Reactive system design: message-driven, resilient, elastic and responsive.
  • How to build Reactive systems by using concepts of Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing.
  • How the Actor Model with Akka makes concurrency very simple to implement.
  • How to design systems that can self-heal, self-scale, both up and down.
Thursday, Dec. 15 17:00 UTC