Handling Back-Pressure with Akka Streams and Kafka

If you are Architect or Dev Manager then this talk is for you.

Akka Streams and its astonishing handling of streaming with back-pressure should not surprise anyone. The webinar is for Architects or Dev Managers. It will be shown how back-pressure based on Akka Streams and Kafka is being used at PayPal to handle very bursty workloads.

The presenter will also share experiences in creating a platform based on Akka and Akka Streams currently processing over 1 billion transactions per day (on just 8 VMs), to help teams adopt these technologies.

The highlights of the webinar are:

  • Start with a sample web crawler use case to examine what happens when each processing pass expands to a larger and larger workload to process.
  • Review how we use the buffering capabilities in Kafka and the back-pressure with asynchronous processing in Akka Streams to handle such bursts.
  • Look at lessons learned, plus some constructive “rants” about the architectural components, the maturity, or immaturity you’ll expect, and tidbits and open source goodies like memory-mapped stream buffers that can be helpful in other Akka Streams and/or Kafka use cases.
Thursday, Nov. 17 17:00 UTC




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