Analytics in the Cloud

A number of data analytics solutions will be described.

Nowadays, data is everywhere. The combination of data in cloud-based systems and computing resources gives the opportunity to perform very complex data analysis and to explore advanced machine learning methods such as deep learning. 

The number of analytical tools which is supported on various clouds is increasing by the day. The list of analytical tools spans from traditional RDBMS to analytics open sources projects such as Hadoop Hive, Spark, H2O. Next to provisioning tools and solutions on the cloud, managed services for Data Science, Big Data and Analytics are becoming a popular offering of many clouds. 

Analytics in the cloud gives an opportunity for data analysts, data scientists and business developer to interact with each other, share data and experiments and develop relevant insight towards improved business processes and results.

In the webinar, a number of data analytics solutions for the cloud and the ways how they can be added to the current cloud and on-premise landscape will be discussed.

Wednesday, Dec. 7 13:00 UTC




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