Axon CQRS framework meets Spring Boot

Learn how to use Axon, a CQRS framework that builds on Spring and Spring Boot.

We get it already! Microservices let you decompose your application into small, singly-focused, reusable and internally consistent bounded contexts - services - deployed over a network.

Great, but that still doesn't help me get these systems to agree on the worldview of my domain! And that's because...there is no world view of the model that is correct for all services involved. 

Join Axon framework founder and lead, Allard Buijze at Trifork and Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long, for a look at how to integrate different systems with different read and write characteristics using Axon, a CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) framework that builds on Spring and Spring Boot.

Check out the video recording:

Wednesday, Nov. 16 15:00 UTC