RxJava for Android App Development

Cleaner and flexible asynchronous data handling in Android apps with RxJava.

RxJava provides us with advantages over traditional ways of handling asynchronous data in Android applications. You will be able to see how RxJava makes quick work of tasks that can often become messy and inflexible when handled without RxJava. After seeing how much cleaner RxJava can make your Android code, hopefully you will have the motivation to use RxJava in all your android apps.

The book covers the following Topics:

  • An Introduction to RxJava
    • Sharp Learning Curve, Big Rewards
    • Observables
    • Observers
    • Observable Creation and Subscribers
    • Schedulers 8 Operators
    • Conclusion
  • RxJava in Your Android Code
    • RxJava and the Activity Lifecycle
    • Why RxJava-based Solutions Are Awesome
    • Conclusion
  • The Future of RxJava for Android Development
    • Further Reading for RxJava
    • Future Directions for Android App Development with RxJava
Published: October 2015


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