Everything is Distributed

Essays on Performance and Operations.

We have reached a point in software development where we can no longer understand, see, or control all the component parts, both technical and social/organizational—they are increasingly complex and distributed. The business of software itself has become a distributed, complex system. How do we develop and manage systems that are too large to understand, too complex to control, and that fail in unpre‐ dictable ways?

  • Everything Is Distributed
    • Embracing Failure
    • Think Globally, Develop Locally
    • Data Are the Lingua Franca of Distributed Systems
    • Humans in the Machine
  • Beyond the Stack
    • Cloud as Platform
    • Development as a Distributed Process
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Containerization as Deployment
    • Monitoring as Testing
    • Is This DevOps?
    • Why Now?
  • Revisiting DevOps
    • Empathy
    • Promise Theory
    • Blameless Postmortems
    • Beyond DevOps
  • Performance Is User Experience
    • The Slow Web
    • The Human Impact
    • It’s Not Just the Desktop: It’s Mobile, Too
    • Selling It to Your Organization
  • From the Network Interface to the Database
    • Web Ops and Performance
    • Broadening the Scope
Published: March 2015