Reactive Microservices Architecture

Design Principles for Distributed Systems (Microservices).

One of the best books out there on Microsrvices by Lightbend's CTO and Co-Founder Jonas Bonér.

  • Introduction
    • Services to the Rescue
    • Slicing the Monolith
    • SOA Dressed in New Clothes?
  • What Is a Reactive Microservice?
    • Isolate All the Things
    • Act Autonomously
    • Do One Thing, and Do It Well
    • Own Your State, Exclusively
    • Embrace Asynchronous Message-Passing
    • Stay Mobile, but Addressable
  • Microservices Come in Systems
    • Systems Need to Exploit Reality
    • Service Discovery
    • API Management
    • Managing Communication Patterns
    • Integration
    • Security Management
    • Minimizing Data Coupling
    • Minimizing the Cost of Coordination
    • Summary
Published: March 2016