Introducing Kubernetes - Scaling through Scheduling.

Learn how Kubernetes works and how it can help your team/company to scale your services.

  • Go Big or Go Home!
    • Introducing Kubernetes—Scaling through Scheduling
    • Applications vs. Services
    • The Master and Its Minions
    • Pods
    • Volumes
    • From Bricks to House
  • Organize, Grow, and Go
    • Better Living through Labels, Annotations, and Selectors
    • Replication Controllers
    • Services
    • Health Checking
    • Moving On
  • Here, There, and Everywhere
    • Starting Small with Your Local Machine
    • Bare Metal
    • Virtual Metal (IaaS on a Public Cloud)
    • Other Configurations
    • Fully Managed
    • A Word about Multi-Cloud Deployments
    • Getting Started with Some Examples
    • Where to Go for More
Published: September 2015